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65. supernatural, ouat, primeval, merlin, misc; icons

supernatural [1-18] - 18
once upon a time [19-34] - 16
primeval: new world [35-46] - 12
primeval [47-51] - 5
merlin [52-56] - 5
misc. (stargate, legend of the seeker, doctor who, chuck, karen killian, the big bang theory, text) [57-71] - 15

This post is all old icons! Be ye warned! All were created before 2015 and so the quality is really not the same as my newer stuff, but I wanted to get them posted anyways. It's a lot of truly miscellaneous stuff honestly. I just want to get it all cleared out because I actually have quite a few new icons to post and I don't want to mix old and new. :)


once upon a time

primeval: new world




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Tags: .icons, actress: karen gillan, tv: chuck, tv: doctor who, tv: merlin, tv: misc., tv: once upon a time, tv: supernatural, verse: primeval, verse: stargate
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These are fantastic, and I'm so happy to see your icons around again! :D

(Also, must you keep mentioning Primeval, dammit, now I want a rewatch.)
askjld thank you <3 right now iconning is a huge destresser for me and I definitely need that so I'm actually making lots more :)

(and me too! I'm actually rewatching doctor who right now and then it's on to primeval again!)
Thank you very much for sharing. Snagged a bunch. :))
thank you for the comment, I appreciate it! :)